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It's about the moment; living each one and capturing those you wish to return to time and again...

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© Tri-RN Photography; Portrait, Event, Commercial, Wedding Photographer in South Manchester

Hi there! Let me introduce myself. I'm JJ, a South Manchester based photographer. A healthy mix of curiosity and inquisitiveness courses through my veins and where these qualities lead me I have followed willingly, camera or cameras in hand, capturing the images that I lay before you to share.

Having first become interested in digital photography, I am both fascinated and awed by the magic of New World technology that enables me to capture the moment in time, digitally and preserve it forever. My foray into the world of digital photography fired my desire to learn more about Old World skills and I tentatively started to look into film photography and I confess that I fell hook, line and sinker. This has added greatly to my technical skills, in particular my attention to detail in getting just the right shot in respect of lighting, framing and atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions
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So why turn a hobby into a business?
Well, why not? I've the skills needed: Enjoy working with people and don't mind working with kids and animals; Love the creative process from bouncing the idea around to handing over the finish images and seeing the response of the customer - be that an individual, family or a business (big or small).
What are your fees?
I look to work within your budget to give you a finished product that you are happy with. It costs nothing to sit down with me and discuss your needs - though a coffee and a slice of cake do help!. All prices will include editing and happy to price printing and framing.
Do you work outside of Manchester area?
YES! I work anywhere within 45 mininutes of my base at no extra cost - I'm close to all the major motorways around Manchester. For work further afield I'm open to discussion and will look for the cheapest option to keep costs down.
When are you available to work?
I'm very much a 24hr type of guy and work when the job requires. Sundays are my family day but can be discussed as I never say never!
What is your style?
Photographic style is dependent on your wants and needs. I like to keep it real - there's no use shooting a low slung sports car in a quarry which would test the best 4x4!
Do you shoot events?
Yes - either casual, non-posed or a more formal grouping.
What formats do you use?
Commercial work is all shot digital.

Events are shot mainly digital but if the shot is right film is available.

Portrait can be shot digital or film.
Who owns the Copyright?
Copyright is the lifeblood of a photographer's trade and as such is held by myself. The images are licensed for you to use to promote yourself, business or organisation via your web-site brochures adverts etc.

I do use these to promote my business but always will link them to your company.

It is understandable that some images are commercially/ security / personally sensitive. If this is the issue, bring it to my attention and these will be noted re copyright use.
What limits are there to the license?
Use by 3rd parties i.e. trade journals. Businesses not covered under the copyright agreement would need to come through me. (I will be reasonable charging industry rates).
What level of editing can you offer?
Editing can be discussed at the out set and will be done to your requirements. The aim will be to shoot the image so the minimum editing is required. All images will be presented to you for inspection with any final tweaks done before shoot is signed off. Information of media's the images are required for will be helpful as will sizing.